About Us

Raised by his grandparents, Tremaine Devine learned to cook at a very young age. His grandparents had him watch the preparation of meals every Sunday before church because they felt it was important for him to learn everyday skills.

Growing up on the Southside of Chicago, Tremaine had to overcome many adversities. What was meant to be a story of rejection, turned into a story of redemption. Tremaine has since dedicated his life to building a legacy for his family. He wanted to get back to what his grandparents originally taught him –– making good food. This is how Tre’s Street Kitchen was birthed.

Tremaine studied at Louisiana Culinary Institute where he learned the logistics of the culinary field. Tremaine has experience as an Executive Chef at The Little Village located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He also had the privilege of studying under chefs Ryan Andre, John Lundin and Darrell Harris.

Tre’s Street Kitchen is more than your everyday food truck, it is an experience. Customers will walk away feeling like they not only want the food, but need it. Most importantly, Tre’s Street Kitchen is committed to setting a high bar and aims to provide a high-quality culinary experience for everyone.